Total assets




Annual output of machine tools



3billion Revenue

Baoji Machine Tool Group is the high-class producing,researching and intelligent manufacturing base of CNC machine tool in china. Baoji Machine Tool Group takes the mission of "making China’s Good Machine tools with ingenuity and intelligence, and forms the “Intelligent guide, technology and market dual-wheels driving, Ingenious manufacturing and Global service. Baoji Machine Tool Group has more than ten subsidiaries, assets of 2 billion Yuan and a number of 3200 employees.The annual output of machine is 20000 sets and the income reaches 3 billion Yuan. Annual export amount is about 30 million dollars. The main business income at the forefront of the machine tool industry for many years in China.


The company has established a complete R & D manufacturing and production system with talent ,technology and branding by the innovation leading. It formed 14 categories, which is more than 200 varieties and 400 specifications of products dominated by the intelligent machine tools, flexible manufacturing cell, Intelligent manufacturing unit and automatic production line.The company has undertaken more than 30 national major projects and "Brain change Project" in 2004. It has five marketing service centers around the world and has become a high-end equipment supplier leading the intelligent development of upstream and downstream supply chains in the industry.


The enterprise has won the National May 1st Labor Award, China machinery Industry Top 100 Enterprises, China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise, China Machinery Industry Quality and Integrity Enterprise, the national machinery industry advanced manufacturing industry industry-education integration backbone enterprise, independent innovation top ten enterprises. It has been named as Shaanxi Machine Tool Export Base, Shaanxi Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot demonstration Enterprise, Shaanxi Intelligent Machine Tool Innovation Center, Shaanxi Vocational Skills Training competition base and the first Baoji Civil Servant characteristic Practice training and education base.


Relying on the Shaanxi Branch of the National CNC System Engineering Technology Research Center, the company is committed to the secondary development of CNC systems and robots and the in-depth research and development and optimization of intelligent equipment solutions. Jointly research and development of the new generation of intelligent machine tools. Integrate advanced manufacturing technology, big data and cloud platforms, accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing mode, and strive to build a "digital factory".


Baoji machine tool group adhere to the "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, carry out the  "high skill talented person quality promotion project", set up five levels rising channel from the technical backbone to Baoji machine craftsmen , create a innovation studio including five worker levels, formed the multi-level craftsman team and the " Innovation and entrepreneurship " group by the strategy of high-skilled talents as the core, professional technical experts as the hard core, and the youth skills personnel as the backbone.


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